A Legacy of Innovation


Four Generations of Skill & ​Seventy Years of Innovation

Throughout our 70th anniversary year, we encourage you to explore the many bold moments in Baldwin's history – starting with our founder's immigration to the United States to pursue the American Dream. We'll continue to share exciting moments in our history throughout the year, so check back frequently.

  • 1945-arrive-in-america

    1945 : The Fayermans Arrive In America

    The Fayerman family survive WWII and secure passage to America. As the ship steams into New York harbor, Severin has his first view of Lady Liberty, inspiring his pursuit and eventual realization of the American Dream.
  • Baldwin Hardware First Product

    1946 : The Origin of Baldwin

    Pooling hard-earned wages, the Fayerman family fulfill their dream of restarting the family business and purchase Baldwin Tool and Die Company. Baldwin begins by making letter boxes stamped from sheets of brass, recognizing these will be a necessity in the post-war building boom. Seventy years of innovation begins.
  • Door Knockers

    1952 : Growing & Expanding

    Baldwin outgrows the Newark location and moves to an industrial development in Hillside, NJ. Uncle John joins Baldwin as its chief salesman and three door knockers signal the knock of opportunity as the young company expands its innovation into that category.
  • White House Candlestick

    1954 : First Trip to the White House

    Baldwin’s gift products become the gift of choice in the Eisenhower White House.
  • Baldwin_Banner_V2

    1968 : A New Era of Mortise Locks

    The University of Ohio becomes the springboard into the next innovation. The architect wants to specify a large number of Baldwin rim locks for an expansion project that must meet commercial standards. Baldwin answers with an instant egress feature, thereby ushering in a new era of mortise locking products.
  • Untitled

    1969 : Jackie O's Request

    Jacqueline Kennedy asks Baldwin to design never-to-be-replicated rim locks for her retreat in Martha’s Vineyard.