Make Working From Home Work for You: Tips for Creating a Custom Workspace

05/12/2020 21:54:40
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With so many of us working from home (WFH) right now, the subject of home offices—or home workspaces—is on the minds of many. As luck would have it, Elle Décor profiled the WFH spots of several A-list designers, and the pictures of how they are getting their work done are instructive.


Based on the choices made by top interior designers, we can take away five facts for designing our own work-away-from-work spaces.


  1. You don’t have to have a separate home office to let the creativity flow. Bring a small table alongside a favorite chair, designate a cozy nook, or commandeer the dining table. In some cases, a table may be better when you need to spread out, want to have lots of books, notes, and files within arm’s reach, or need to be able to multitask.
  2. Have everything important nearby. Set up your workspace by some handy bookshelves, repurpose a cabinet, add a leaf to the table. Do what you need to so that you can make the space fully and functionally yours.
  3. Get comfortable. This might mean working from a favorite armchair, setting up a table near a favorite vignette in your home, or outfitting the kitchen table with your most beloved and inspiring keepsakes. Whichever you choose, you will work better when you are at ease.
  4. Arrange for a view. If you can, arrange your desk or workspace near a window for good light and some excellent people-watching. If no windows are available, consider arranging your workspace to look out across the expanse of a room instead of staring at a wall all day.
  5. Personalize your space. Honestly, we don’t know how long we will all be WFH, so make the most of your space. Arrange a spray of your favorite flowers, display family photos or put up an inspiration board. Make your working area your own, whether that means decorating with Old Hollywood glamour, neutral minimalism, or a cat perched on the table with you.


Try these tips in your own home office or workspace. For more inspiration, check out our Home Offices Pinterest board.

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