Launching Your Own Design Firm?

02/08/2019 23:21:00
Nicholas Moriarty
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Launching your own design firm? Baldwin Design Council member Nicholas Moriarty of Nicholas Moriarty Interiors reflects on aspects of the business, like personal branding, he wished he invested in earlier. 

“If I could start from square one again, the single thing I would invest more time and money into would be personal branding. It may seem intuitive, but when you start a new design firm as a sole practitioner, you’re so concerned with drumming up enough work to keep the lights on that you often send branding to the back of the queue. Establishing the ‘who you are’ of what you do is so critically important in our industry. A clear vision of the changes you want to see within the industry and a point of view that pushes boundaries and shakes the very ground you walk on are key branding quandaries that separate those who rise to the top from the rest of the field. Know thyself and you can effect the change you want to see in the world.” 

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