Tips for Christmas Decorating by Celebrity Designer Erinn Valencich

12/12/2018 19:46:42
Erinn V
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By Erinn Valencich 

Good: Picking a Color Palette

Picking a theme for the room. If you love silver and gold but you also love red and white, do the two themes in different rooms. Don't mix them. 

Take your Christmas decorating cue from the style of your interior. If you have a very modern house, don't use country style decorations.

Try new placement for items. Don't do it the same every year. 

Coordinate your gift wrap with your decor. If you're using silver on the tree, use silver in your wrapping.

Bad: Overuse of Lights Outside

Covering the tree with too much tinsel!

Don't use items that have seen better days. If something is broken or beat up, fix it or get rid of it!

Ugly: Using Absolutely Every Christmas Item You Own

Leave some things in the box. Too many plastic light up Santa's and reindeer out on the lawn, the roof, the porch, etc.!

Don't leave out all your everyday accessories and add the Christmas items on top. It will be too busy and looks cluttered. 

Erinn V

Erinn V

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