Shopping for Doorknobs

12/03/2018 20:05:25
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A door without its hardware is similar to a stylish outfit without accessories to enhance the look. Doorknobs are the jewelry needed to elevate ​a home's overall appearance. Accentuate the little, significant details by dressing up your home with charming, high-quality doorknobs. 

Baldwin never compromises when it comes to quality by using the finest materials to handcraft our hardware, that not only looks beautiful and flawless but also ​everlasting.

After our comprehensive crafting process, Baldwin provides our customers with a wide spectrum of richly detailed, designer finishes that are coated with an ultra-hard lacquer to endure and resist the effects of wear and tear. Explore our products here.

L029 Estate Lever
L029 Estate Lever

Read about the importance of door hardware on the New York Times.

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