Create the Perfect Lighting for Any Room

10/01/2018 22:45:00
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Adding the perfect amount of illumination to your home can get a little tricky, so check out these tips to guide you! 

Mix It Up 
Mix It Up

 Get creative ​by adding a mixture of lights. Layer illumination across the room with a chandelier and some table lamps.

Go Bright Kitchen
Go Bright Kitchen

 See better when preparing food with high-hats or recessed lights along the edge of the ceiling while hanging pendants overhead above kitchen counters to save space.

Light Up the Corners

 Don't let a corner be awkward with emptiness. Dress it up with a complementary over-sized floor lamp.

Don't Overdo the Overheads
Wall Sconces

 Overhead lights can get excessive and distracting with unwanted spots. Light up the room and decorate the walls with sconces.

Don't Forget the Details
Small Details

 Small details are easily missed. Be sure those lampshades are straight and the seams are hidden.

Visit The New York Times for more tips on lighting rooms.

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