How to Decorate Your Home with Color Based on Your Personality

08/09/2018 16:22:00
Style with Personality
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Wondering what will be your color of the year in 2019? Check out some bold ways to decorate your home with color based on your personality! 
Find out your interior design personality here: House Beautiful.

If You Love Neutral Tones: 
Neutral Tones Lover

This living space with neutral tones is the ultimate comfortable room, keeping colors simple while the space feels inviting to sit down and relax. 

If You Prefer a Pop of Color:
Pop of Color

This entry way makes a bold statement for the entire house. With neutral tones and simplicity surrounding all around, this yellow door attracts the eye, giving everyone a entry way a bright and trendy feeling. 

If You Are Passionate About Pastels: 
Passionate About Pastels

Pastels everywhere is the new contemporary trend. Pastels in the kitchen are a vivid statement, with light colors all around. Pastels in this room makes this space feel friendly and lively, making us never want to leave the kitchen. 

If You Are Obsessed With Modern Design:
Modern Designs

This modern bedroom has tones of blush and navy all around. With unique pieces matching the blush and navy tones, this space feels fun and vibrant. This cozy, modern bedroom makes us want to hang out here all day. 

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