Meet Baldwin Design Council Member: Donna Mondi

01/05/2018 18:03:33
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Say hello to Baldwin Design Council Member, Donna Mondi of Donna Mondi Interior Design!

Favorite Project:  Mondi (pictured)

BWN1 (002) 

Why: When a designer is designing their own home, there are no restrictions. We can take bigger risks, push the envelope further, and create the most spectacular rooms.  The vision for this room didn’t get diluted by fear or budgets and thats when you see what a good designer is truly capable of. 

Favorite Color: 
Black.  In my book it’s not just a color.  It’s THE color. 

Favorite Design Trend: I’m currently loving and practicing what I call Intentional Maximalism.  It’s decadence where it needs to be offset with restraint in other areas so the stars of the room can truly shine.  It’s exciting to see more variety in design.  There’s a place for every metal; furniture is sometimes curvy but sometimes it’s more linear; traditional and modern patterns are both popular right now.  It seems to be an era that may be tough to define later in just a few words which is just fine with me! 

Inspiration: Travel has had the biggest influence on my design style evolution.  I’m inspired by the classical elements in Paris and Rome, the functional simplicity in Tokyo, and a respect for natural elements in Australia.  They all make their way into our designs in interesting ways.  Instagram feeds my need for global influences when I’m not traveling.  It’s never been easier to see what’s happening in all parts of the world.  

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