Meet Baldwin Design Council Member: Rachel Cannon

12/06/2017 22:57:51
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Say hello to Baldwin Design Council Member, Rachel Cannon of Rachel Cannon Limited Interiors!

Favorite Project : It's so hard to pick one project and say it's my favorite. I love this particular house for the way combines the three aspects of our design philosophy - above all, we approach design with the idea that it must be classic, fresh, and smart. The frames of the furnishings are classic, the color palette is fresh, and the comfort and livability is smart.

LakePerique_Rachel Cannon

Favorite Color: I love almost every shade of blue! In our resource library, we have infinitely more blue fabric samples than anything else.

Favorite Design Trend: A modern material in a classic form, like the Baldwin Estate Knob for interior doors. I'm more than a little obsessed.

To see Rachel Cannon and the rest of the Baldwin Design Council, please visit:

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