Do You Know About Baldwin Hardware’s Design Council?

06/09/2017 21:18:39
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The Baldwin Design Council was developed in 2015 to recognize and reward the A+D community and create a platform of collaboration between Baldwin and the industry’s top talent.

“Throughout the two-year term, Design Council members share ideas, work in partnership with Baldwin’s product development team and provide an invaluable amount of feedback that shapes the future of Baldwin Hardware,” said PJ Rosch, senior brand manager for Baldwin Hardware, Spectrum Brands, Inc. – Hardware and Home Improvement Division.

We are incredibly thankful for each member of the council as they offer a unique sense of design and industry experience to the brand. Over this past term many of the council members have had the opportunity to create bonds with other industry professionals and learn more about Baldwin Hardware.

“Some of the most enjoyable moments of the Design Council was the meetings with the other members of this elite group. I liked the total immersion of the group into the Baldwin product and hearing the history and plans for Baldwin Hardware.” – Diane S. Walker, Interior Designer and Current Design Council Member.

During their time on the council, the council members have the exclusive opportunity to learn in-depth about Baldwin Hardware, its products and its design process.

 “I think you walk away super knowledgeable about Baldwin products, the brand and quality you get with this company. You feel inspired to use more of the product and push the brand to fellow colleagues and home owners.” – Melissa Morgan, Interior Designer and Current Design Council Member.

Cheers to the Baldwin Design Council for all of their support these past two years!

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a Design Council member, email us at:

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