Design Trends for 2017

01/24/2017 19:23:21
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Baldwin Hardware’s Design Council is a special advisory board made up of 25 prestigious architects and designers who are committed to sharing ideas and shaping the future of design. When asked about their thoughts on design trends for 2017, their answers were very diverse but consistent on four key trends: minimalism, customizable options, unique finishes and the blending of time periods.

 The Design Council felt that design trends for 2017 would lean toward a more mixed and cohesive style blending traditional, vintage designs with clean, modern looks. In their expert opinions, finishes and color schemes are to remain basic and neutral in tone while incorporating touches of gold and brass elements.

 In terms of door hardware finishes, anything from traditional bronze all the way to a “mixed material” finish are all projected to be in high demand in 2017. Customers will also be wanting more customized options. It’s come to the point where consumers now want their homes to be a true reflection of themselves, which should be echoed in their choice of hardware. Along with that thought, there was a general consensus that most homes will be moving away from a strict, one-period tone of design.

 What’s the ultimate design trend for 2017? The Design Council agreed that the combining of minimalist modernism with a high-tech twist will be in huge demand. 

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