70 Years Bold with Baldwin Hardware

12/21/2016 20:26:43
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There are some homes that take beauty to a new height of style and design. Design industry experts know that that the key to achieving next-level design is expression; to say something with every detail.

The fashion industry is perhaps a more relatable example of expression through design.  A couture moment in the fashion world is compelling and beautiful with every detail conveying a piece of the design story. The sharp dressed man selects the perfect cufflinks to accentuate his crisp dress shirt and smart tuxedo. They are not an afterthought or an accessory; they are an essential part of the story. As Baldwin Hardware approached its 70th anniversary, it posed the question, shouldn’t it be the same for the world of home design?

The posing of this question led to one of the most intriguing and effective branding campaigns of the year. In celebrating a milestone anniversary, Baldwin took 70 years of quality, reliability, and beauty and decided to focus on getting bolder, not older.

Throughout 2016, Baldwin’s “70 Years Bold” campaign brought the concept of couture for the home to life in unexpected ways with the intent to inspire next-level design for the home.

At the launch event in January at the Mandarin Hotel Ballroom in Las Vegas, no one expected to see models adorned with headpieces and gowns inspired by the Baldwin’s 70th anniversary commemorative knob.  The reactions from the room were on par with the surprise and awe of seeing haute couture on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

In effect, Baldwin took the reality of fashion design and applied it to home design and thereby placing hardware design as a captivating, enticing and vital element to the design story.

Throughout the year, Baldwin worked creatively and strategically to bring this concept to life.  Baldwin Hardware created a memorable fashion moment at the Architectural Digest Design Show in March when it unveiled couture gowns and headpieces inspired by a new line of door hardware developed specifically for its anniversary year. Celebrity hairstylists and makeup artists were enlisted to create hair and makeup to complement the headpieces.   Most recently, Baldwin hosted the 70 Years Bold Gala at the historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills uniting legacy and history with beauty and innovation.

Some people dress merely out of necessity, and likewise, many complete their home design with only function in mind. Through the lens of couture, Baldwin used function as merely the baseline upon which to create designs that captivate and inspire.

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