Baldwin Design Council Guest Blog Post: Tina Ramchandani at the Frieze Art Fair

05/10/2016 16:35:51
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This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the coveted Frieze Art Fair at Randall's Island. Although thought it was deary, rainy weekend, my time in the tent was filled with inspiration excitement. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

01. ​From The Shane Campbell Gallery by Anthony Pearson

Untitled (Four Part Etched Plaster)

From a few feet away these pieces look like beautiful black and white pieces in walnut frames but we aren't quite able to decipher the material, and we definitely don't see the variety of textures. When you approach you notice the intricate texture and pattern and have a new appreciation for the pieces.

Tina 1

Tina 2

02. ​From The Shane Campbell Gallery by Zak Prekop

Unmeasured Pattern

This oil on muslin piece caught my eye not just because of the size and use of color but the intricate details you see when you get close enough. The attention to detail is beautiful and I feel this piece would work in a variety of settings.

Tina 3

03. From Galerie Peter Kilchmann by David Renggli

Floorplan Desire Painting

The two pieces are interesting because you can't quite tell how they are constructed when you first look at them. When you move in closer you noticed the acrylic dyed woven fabric placed on top of a silk screen painting, which is what allows us to see the many layers on layers.

Tina 4

Tina 5

04. From The Breeder Athens​ by Angelo Plessas.

I was taken by everything in this booth, from the way the pieces were placed near each other, to the colors, to the intensity of the pieces.

Tina 6

05. From Frame by Liu Shiyuan

This installation was especially interesting because of the collage of newspaper stories, patches of carpets and found imagery. The artist is based in Copenhagen but was born in Beijing and combined her two cultures to create a response to the contemporary Chinese diaspora. ​

06. From Tina Kim Gallery + Kukje Gallery by Ha Chong-Hyun

Conjunction 15-211

I am especially taken by linear art and neutral and solid colors, so this piece was right up my alley. I learned that the artist loves to experiment  with new processes + techniques, which is how this oil on hemp piece was developed. This piece is one of many in the East Meets West movement known as Dansaekwa, translated as "The School of White", which is also known as the Korean version of monochrome.

Tina 8

07. From Galerie Herve Bize by Franois Morellet​

​The artist, Franois Morellet​, has recently turned 90, and this booth is a tribute to his life's work. The wallpaper, hanging art and metal fixture are all pieces in the 1960s and 1970s, and these are all still relevant and exciting today.​

Tina 9

08. From Blank Projects by Igshaan Adams​

Enter at Your Own Risk

This piece was very special to me. The artist, from Cape Town, South Africa, investigates his relationship between race, religion and personality through these tapestries. He is biracial, homosexual and an observant Muslim who was raised by Christian grandparents. The tapestries, made of nylon rope, plastic beats and string are created with Kufic calligraphic scripts of the chapters of the Quran and are made to be reversible.

Tina 10

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